problems with expired users

Sometimes when someone configure a server or services to run some applications or websites, they have the need of create system users to run some services.

But, after a year passed, we see a lot of problems related to this simple task.

When we’re installing and configuring services and users, and specifically users, we need to take special attention to some details that are very important. One of them is the user expiration date.

A few days ago, this simple thing that we use to create temporary access to the system or to force users to change the passwords(There is a better way to do this), causes a huge problem with critical services for our customers. Services stoped working and application/webservices were down because of this small and simple thing. I took a long time to figure it out because it’s not a problem that you are expecting.

This is only to say that we need to open your mind and see what services or apps are used on the system to provide the information that they was built to show. Deep understanding of the system that you are handling is a good way to avoid huge loss of time to solve a problem.


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