Optimize you website – Gzip Compression

Aims to optimize the speed of access to your site to get a better browsing experience and placement in top search engines?

One of the simplest ways to do this is to use one of the tools found in the web hosting cPanel accounts, the “Optimize Website”.


This function makes use of the Apache mod_deflate to compress your page. So every time a visitor arrives at your page, the server automatically compresses it and then sends it to the client. The client, instead of downloading 100KB, for example, will only 20Kb, making faster the access to the website.


To do this, make sure that active compression throughout the content, simply by selecting “Compress all content” and making “Update Settings”. This is an especially important optimization for Web Stores, quite simple and will take effect immediately. You can check the result on the next page – GZip Test


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