How to choose Hosting Companys

How to Choose website hosting

The choice of a suitable web hosting to your website is very important, this play a key role in the health of your site and hence growth of this to boost your business. As such it is important to pay attention to certain aspects that can not be objective when you visit a page with the presentation of the company’s hosting plans.

Here are some tips in three different areas that we consider to be crucial, Technical Support, the Infrastructure and features of web hosting plans:

Technical Support: Whether you have developed knowledge enough that is just a beginner in this area certainly will, for some time, refer to the technical support of the company that hosts your website. You may perhaps need assistance in setting up a particular service (email, database, site implementation), or simply question why your site has any problem. Always keep in mind that the problems will inevitably arise, and at that time, the overall quality of technical support will be distinguished in the following points:

  • Access: Of almost importance is the ease with which you can access to technical support. The email will be enough for several times, but not in cases of extreme urgency. Ensure that the company which will host your site offers a means of direct support, such as the telephone.
  • Language: One of the strengths in the national housing choice is communication in a common mother tongue. Something that certainly will not want to, will be difficulty in communicating with the person who will assist or provide information through a problem / request for information.
  • Quality: When you contact technical support certainly expect the rapid resolution of your problems. Experienced technicians and with the proper training will be a very important point. Look especially for company feedback on websites and website hosting forums. One of the most valued aspects by customers is the quality of the resolution of their problems.

Infrastructure: Being a website hosting service, certainly two points it will come immediately. The quality / safety of housing, and the availability / speed access to your site from the Internet in general. Thus, there are some points to be taken into special consideration:

  • Equipment: There are several types of servers, from machines that are merely placed computers in data centers, to large-scale servers with multiple levels of redundancy. The quality of these will determine its speed (and consequently speed access to the site), the security of your data (thus avoiding data loss / data corruption) and redundancy / stability (to ensure greater online time and break consequent shorter service).
  • Network: The main distinction is a national or international network. The choice of the network must be made depending on the target audience of your website. If you are focused on a mainly Spanish or German public, the ideal choice is a national hosting service. This guarantee you will fairly low latencies (10 to 30ms) to ensure that each request made to your site will be served swiftly, substantially reducing the site’s opening time. Shorter opening will mean a greater number of visits and more time spent on the site, very important factors for the optimization of your website.

Characteristics of Plans: Do not pay attention only to the plane of the cost. Sometimes a difference 5 to 10 € per year could play an exceptional difference in quality with which your site is hosted. You should pay particular attention to:

  • Backups: Backups are essential. Look good in terms of service. Many companies provide backup service but abdicate responsibility for maintaining them. What this means? Who perhaps do not have a backup of your site, also have no liability for such. Make sure that the company that hosts your site has backups, keeps for some time and allow its recovery without questions or additional costs. The problems follow one another, sometimes by equipment failure, human error or even by a failure of software / security flaw. The reconstruction of a site can take days and may represent the loss of crucial data for your business. Do not let this fact aside.
  • Space Unlimited: One of the current trends is the availability of space “unlimited”. The phenomenon of the “unlimited”, which even makes sense in some subjects such as traffic does not make sense in space. The availability of unlimited space will have to be limits rather lower than might be considered an acceptable limit. The space is quite high costs, the need for quality drives (SAS drives, SSD, etc …) the cost per GB is quite high, the redundancy requirement (RAID levels) and the need for homologous backup space.
  • Cost: Behind mentioned the importance of the equipment and technical support. The cost of a package to reflect management by the company of its resources. A greatly reduced cost may reveal that the company has not invested its due value on quality equipment, a good network or a data center. Look for feedback, try to understand what the size of the company. Is not limited only to the cost factor but the whole package.
  • Other: Try searching an accommodation with a good panel management, as this guarantee you will autonomy to perform various tasks. The WHM / CPanel is the most popular choice in this field. Also check the email service supports the most common email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc … as well as the availability of a webmail. Quickly find that one of the most important aspects of a web hosting plan may not be the site but also the mail service, crucial to its communication.

And that’s it.



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