Access a cPanel Hosting Account by IP

With the latest updates and enhancements by cPanel, one of the access frequently used by users are no longer accessible – access directly by IP. This was an especially important way to access a site and verify that it is properly functioning to make it public.

Inability to access via IP / ~ username

For security reasons, access over IP / ~ username (as shown in the picture above) was blocked for all customers of Linux Shared Hosting accounts andshould use one of the following we suggest:

1ª- Change the primary domain of the hosting account for a subdomain, for example This way you can view the site installed on your hosting account through this subdomain. To make this change, you need to have us subdomain configuration on your Linux hosting account.

2ª- Add to your computer’s hosts file (C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts – open with Notepad) the following line: domain.tld www.domain.tld


… And save the changes you made in the file. In this way you will force your computer to browse the domain in the IP indicated after loading the site up on their hosting account. In the future, when you no longer need this configuration, you must remove the corresponding line of the file.

And that’s it, simple 🙂



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