Hi, welcome to my blog. 🙂

This maybe be your first time at the blog, so MANY WELCOMES, and i hope that this blog could help you to learn something that you don’t know or inspire you in any way to do something.

I’ll use this blog to put every doubts that i had and i found the solution(s) in many areas. So this will be a mix of programming, linux administration, scripting and also Marketing, how to make money online, business managing, freelancing, holidays, trips and many others themes.

I will try to update the blog daily but due to my work and my business, i could delay some posts. in some days.

Let me induce myself..

My name is Ruben Lopes, i’m Electrical and Computer Engineer, i’m the author of this blog and i’m very happy to see you on my blog. I work on internet since 2006 and since then i work in a lot of ways to make money online. With time i will talk more about me and how i grew as a online and offline professional.
You are think.. yes Ruben.. you are the man, you built an empire and now you are rich and will tell us how to be rich too. 🙂

No, absolutely not. I’m not rich, i’m a normal guy, seeking ways of earn online money.

Stay tuned or attentive to my next articles, subscribe to my email list that you can find on the side of my blog or at the bottom of this article.

Together we are stronger

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